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Kolín dragon portal

Fun geolocation game of the new generation!

Help find Vitus the dragon the mythical dragon portal in Kolín, which is the entrance to the dragon kingdom. It is the only place where the spell can be undone ... maybe :)

Start: In front of the town hall in Kolín

Target: at the building of the Basic Arts School






Romantic Tales of Central Bohemia



Fine Dining in Central Bohemia



Majestic  Accommodation 



Central Bohemia during the First Republic



5_draci portal 1_geofun_180x180 75_cesty a pam-etky 45_1.republika-titulka 10_yelechticke ubytovani titulka 37_01_milostnepribehy 19_gastro_titulka


Slechticke-ubytovani-CZ (8,2 MB) Slechticke-ubytovani-DE (7,9 MB) Slechticke-ubytovani-EN (8,0 MB) Stredni-Cechy-milostne_CZ (1,0 MB) Stredni-Cechy-milostne_DE (803,8 kB) Stredni-Cechy-milostne_EN (891,6 kB) Gastonomicke zazitky_EN (249,8 kB) Gastonomicke zazitky_CZ (2,0 MB) 1.republika-EN (5,3 MB) 1.republika-DE (5,3 MB) 1.republika-CZ (5,5 MB)