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In past the town used its coat of arms for both promotion and presentation. The coat of arms is traditional and popular so why was it necessary to find a new logo? It could be seen during less representative and commercial events that the traditional heraldic coat of arms was lost among other logos and signs and therefore it lost its dignity. That was the reason for organising a public tender for creating a united visual style representing the town. The basis is the logo and logotype. Eleven competitors took part in the tender; some of them presented two designs which was in accordance with the tender rules, so totally there were nineteen proposals. A professional committee unanimously agreed upon the design of company KLUCIvespolek, s.r.o. located in Kolín. The authors of the winning logo are Honza Švarc, Michal Koubský and Jirka Novák.

The legend to the logo presented by the authors: Legenda k logu uvedená autory:

kolín - koliti - kůly - [cool] - cool in - kolín

The name Kolín comes probably from the old Czech word „koliti“, i.e.  “driving stakes“, and the name is connected with the location of Starý Kolín in a frequently flooded area on the confluence of the Klejnarka and Labe. The place used to be toughened by wooden stakes. Later a better location was chosen for the growing market village –an elevated place located 7 km west. The new settlement (and later a royal town) kept the name of the original settlement.

The logo is administered by the Marketing and Promotion Department which decides about its usage. You can find the application for the approval of using the logo in the attachment.

Moreover, you can download the attached logo handbook and logos of Kolín in various formats.

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