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Dear Kolín visitors 

Welcome to Kolín, to the town with rich history and perspective future. Let me invite you to a sightseeing tour of our town. Although Kolín is situated among traditional places of interest such as Praha or Kutná Hora, we are sure that also Kolín has a lot to offer and you will definitely not regret stopping here. There are a lot of reasons for visiting Kolín – not only the unique Parléř´s masterpiece St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral but also two Jewish cemeteries, perfectly reconstructed synagogue commemorating the second most populated Jewish community in the Czech lands. All these are good reasons for any history-loving person to make a stop in Kolín. Very few people actually know - which is a pity - that Kolín has its own ossuary with impressive figure decoration or that Kolín has neo-renaissance town hall whose ceremony room is decorated by a triptych by Václav Radimský of immense artistic value.

However, Kolín is not stuck in history but it is developing into a modern town offering services in all areas – modern Water world with a lot of attractions, a cinema with the latest digital technology, a theatre with performances of famous actors, well-managed Regional museum, woodland Borky with sporting centres and ideal terrain for bikers.

Kolín lives, breathes with history and has once-in-a-lifetime atmosphere of a city where history meets industrial tradition.

Visit Kolín, you will not regret it – Kolín = cool IN!