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Along the sugarbeet railway

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We will start our trip traditionally in Karlovo náměstí (Charles square) in Kolín, over the Old bridge which will soon be much safer and more comfortable for cyclists. Go through Jiráskovo náměstí (Jirásek square) via Tovární street towards the crossroads of Třídvorská where we will turn to Tři Dvory. After a while, we can use a comfortable bike route along the busy road, however, we will not enjoy the bike route for a long time. Turn left behind the petrol station. Follow the green touristic sign until it meets the yellow sign. However, be careful – the green sign (used alone without the yellow sign) leads through the wood so do not get confused and keep on the more comfortable main road, the green sign will appear again. When the yellow sign meets the green one, follow the yellow sign. On the crossroads Včelín, the yellow sign is detached and it continues individually. At Výrovna we will get to the sugarbeet railway. There is a campfire place which lures to a family picnic. We still keep the yellow sign and continue along the railway to Písečný Mlýn where the railway terminus can be found. From the terminus go further straight along the main road which leads to Býchory. In Býchory turn left. We will leave the village behind St. Bartholomew´s church from the 19th century. Now the most difficult part of the trip awaits us. It will be the ascent to the hill Horka (248 metres above sea level). In 1924 gold treasure from the Bronze Age was found under this hill.

Before we start the downhill cycling to Ovčáry, we can see Kolín and its surroundings from the bird´s perspective. In Ovčáry (Jaroslav Vrchlický attended school here in 1859-63) turn left to Kolín, join the bike route 4348. In front of the church of St. Jakub Větší (in pseudo-gothic style from the beginning of 20th century) leave the main road and follow the field paths to the beginning of the sugarbeet railway in front of the railway station Kolín – Sendražice. From here we will continue along the bike route in Ovčárecká street towards the subway under the railway Kolín – Velký Osek where we will turn left and afterwards turn right towards the cemetery. Go past the cemetery and on the crossroads with Okružní street turn right and continue to the end of of Okružní street to Borky. Here you can take a photo at the Memorial of Kolín Bears, the bears come from the cartoon by Břetislav Pojar which is called Potkali se u Kolína (They met near Kolín). Then cross the footbridge and continue along Sokolská and Pražská street back to Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square). The trip can also be made from the opposite direction or can be combined with a sugarbeet rail trip, the train goes every weekend and during bank holidays. The train trips finish at the weekend on 1st and 2nd October by so-called “Sugarbeet-cake feast”. A new educational path with 12 stops and resting places is built along the railway. There are a lot of possibilities and I believe that everybody will be able to choose.

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