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Through the valley of the Polepka river

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Dear cyclists, autumn is already here and soon it is going to be winter, so I have probably the last cycling trip idea for this year. There is no better place to visit than the colourful autumn valley of the Polepka river.

We will not start our journey as usually in Karlovo náměstí (Charles square) but the starting point will be the touristic crossroads of blue and yellow sign ʺPolepský potokʺ (Polepský brook). We will go under the railway bridge and we will get to the road leading to Hluboký Důl. There we will turn right towards Červené Pečky where we will cross the railway crossing and immediately turn left towards Bohouňovice. The road leads close to the 33 metres high historic railway viaduct over the valley of Polepka from 1900, it will continuously join the blue sign which continues on the road and behind the company area it turns right to the valley. We will follow the blue sign along Skokanovský rybník (Skokanovský pond) to Ratboř. When you reach St. Wenceslas church (Baroque style from probably 1770 with valuable Baroque sculpture of Apotéza of St. Jan Nepomucký from the half of 18th century) turn right towards Pašinka and here turn right (behind a local pub at a triangular crossroads). Turn the second street left and get to the upper part of the valley. From here follow the blue sign through Polepy, along the Polepka river, along the local five-metre high waterfall, then to Kolín and back to the crossroads ʺPolepský potokʺ (Polepský pond)

The road from Pašinka to Kolín is well-maintained and passable. There are also a few information boards on the way. The part along the Polepka river before reaching Ratboř is worse, in some places there are stones, roots and vegetation so it is not passable on a road bike. The most difficult part of the trip comes in the final part of ascent on a stony way with the elevation difference of 40 metres from the Polepka river up to Ratboř. Otherwise it is quite an easy, pleasant and relaxing trip in the autumn atmosphere and I hope that you will like it as much as I do.

Poslední úprava: 15.06.2012 12:02:06, Petra Kučerová