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In search of modern architecture

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Dear fans of cycling. After the winter break when most of you did skiing instead of cycling, the temperature started to rise and the sunny days are perfect for riding a bike. So you can again find the articles Through Kolín on bike. You can visit not only bike routes but also many sights. I am going to present a trip which can be perfect both for bikers and lovers of modern architecture.

We will start our trip at the Kolín water tower. It is a forty-five metres high view-point from 1928 and since 2010 it has been on a cultural real estate list. From the water tower cross two roundabouts and follow the cycling lane along the road from the housing estate to Štítary, from this place we will go to Radovesnice on Křečhoř. We will get to the crossroads and we will turn left following the yellow sign but then turn right to a panel road leading over Křečhoř hill (333 metres above sea level) to Libodřice. And there comes one of the centrepieces of our trip – Cubist Bauer´s villa from 1910 – 1914 by the architect Josef Gočár. It is open all-year-round but the tour must be booked in advance by calling 602 188 419 (Mrs. Marková). From Libodřice climb the hill to Polní Voděrady from where head to Lošany, Lošánky, Kbel and Bílek. In Kbílek we will join the main road towards Uhlířské Janovice but after passing the bus stop, turn left to a road which offers a wonderful view of the new chateau in Ratboř. The building from 1910 – 1913 is a masterpiece of another architect of modern era, Jan Kotěra. It is open all-year-round from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m., the entrance fee is 70 Kč, for seniors and children it is 50 Kč and the visitors of the restaurant can have a free tour. Another attraction is a nearby old chateau which was also reconstructed with the help of Jan Kotěra, however, the chateau is closed for public. From Ratboř we will go to Pašinka , and from here along the road towards Kolín.  Follow the new bike route leading over the bypass and there we will join the original road from Pašinka towards the hospital and along Žižkova street to the Kolín´s grammar school where we will finish our trip.  The building from 1923 – 1925 is a work of Jan Mayer and Vilém Kvasnička, the classmates of the above-mentioned Jan Kotěra (from Prague School of Arts and Crafts). 

Since the trip is not only for bikers but also for architecture fans, it is suitable also for a road bike because the way leads on asphalt or concrete panels (only a short part behind Křečhoř). The elevation difference is small; during the26km journey we will ascend 300 metres. I hope you find this unusual trip interesting and that you will like it.  

Poslední úprava: 15.06.2012 12:00:46, Petra Kučerová