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Natural places of interest

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Voděrady beechwood

State nature reserve, complex of natural beech and mixed vegetation, educational path goes through the reserve. 

Quarry near Červené Pečky

Unique paleontologic place of discovery of petrified oyster shells.

Quarry near Radim

Palelontologic site with various kinds of species.

Quarry near Nová Ves

Paleontologic place of discovery of petrified oysters, gastropods and sea urchins. 


The group of boulders formed by unusual remains of weathered river granite of Central Bohemia plutonium. The rock formation called Slouha (geomorphologic formation) with the weight of 40 tons is a part of this group.

Kolín pool

The river cut-off on the right bank of the river Labe (between Tři Dvory and the city).

Veltruby flood plain

The remains of complex of valley flood-plain forest.

Libice flood plain

The largest complex of valley flood-plain forest in Bohemia.

Veltruby pools

The system of pools, remains of an old river channel.

Rock garden near Velim

Unique paleontologic place of discovery in a former quarry, embedded Cretaceous rocks of Mesozoic Sea contain number of petrified animals.

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