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Town chronicle

ʺEvery town keeps a town chronicle (further only ʺchronicleʺ) in which people record   important and memorable events in the town for the information and advice for future generations.ʺ

The Act 132/2006 of Legal Code about town chronicles as amended by Act assigns all towns in the Czech Republic to keep a chronicle. From the logic of the previous sentence and also from the historic facts and traditions it is clear that keeping a chronicle used to be and is managed by a person who is assigned the task of doing so, i.e. the chronicler.

From the documents kept in Regional archive in Kolín it can be found out that the chronicle of Kolín has been kept (with differently long pauses) since 1835. This year the order of the Highest burgrave of lands of the Czech crown Karel Chotek about commemorative books came into force. It concerned the obligation of keeping a chronicle in all cities, towns and villages (both secular and regional) since 1st January 1836.

The first chronicle (in accordance with this regulation) of Kolín finishes in 1845. After that, there is more than a forty-year pause until 1886 when Josef Potůček started to write the chronicle. He retrospectively describes former years and he continues writing the chronicle until the end of 1900. After another pause, Antonín Straka continues in writing from 1918 to 1928. Another pause followed after 1928. The above-mentioned Antonín Straka continued in writing the chronicle from 1935 to 1942. The next pause continued until 1948 when Alois Vilímovský took this task. He was writing the chronicle until 1952. In 1953 it was Božena Sládečková who kept the chronicle and then Ludvík Wimberský (1954-55). After that there is another pause until 1958. Another Kolín chronicler Karel Mrzílek was writing the chronicle for twenty years, it means until 1979. The last known chronicler is Jiří Procházka, the author of town chronicles in 1980-1989. Ludmila Bílá and Lenka Neřoldová were entitled to keep the chronicle for next years. They wrote the chronicle in 1990. Ladislav Mareček, appointed in 1994 by the town council, described retrospectively the years 1991-1993. After his death, Rudolf Horák finished retrospectively the year 1995. The author of recent past is Diana Herelová (married Králová) who described the period from 1996 to 2008.

In March 2009 Pavel Pobříslo was appointed the town chronicler. He started with the year 2009 and finished with 2011. Another chronicler is Petr Křemen, a university student, who has probably been the youngest chronicler so far.