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SMS Info channel

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The town of Kolín decided to establish an SMS info channel town radio ʺin a pocketʺ to improve the communication between the town and its citizens. The aim of this project is a better and especially quicker transmission of information during negative and exceptional events (e.g. interrupting the supply of water, gas, electricity, ecological disaster, natural disaster etc.) and quick information for citizens about important social, cultural and sport events.

This service enables sending important information from the town municipality to registered mobile phone numbers by short messages which can complete the town radio broadcasting not only in the areas of good hearing. These messages can reach you anywhere, which is convenient especially for those of you who spend most time outside the town.

In these days when mobiles are used almost by everybody, we offer an effective and quick system of publishing important information. Early-warning system proved to be essential in emergency communication. The service is available for customers of all mobile operators for free; the costs are covered by the town.

The service is available for all registered citizens for free. When you send an SMS (from the mobile on which you want to get the information), the registration is finished. The same way you can cancel the service anytime you want. 

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