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Town symbols

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Town symbols are represented by the town coat of arms, the town banner (flag), the chain of the Mayor, and the town logo. For exceptional events or anniversaries the town uses special logos, the example may be the logo for the 750th anniversary of founding Kolín in 2010. Town colours are blue and white. 


Town insignia

Town coat of arms

The town coat of arms is a constant which creates the identity of the town and reflects its history. The coat of arms is used in communication of the town as an institution; it is used for representative purposes. Also town citizens may use the coat of arms unless it is used for commercial or business promotion activities.

The approval of using the coat of arms by other people or for commercial purposes is given by the town council of Kolín. The applicant applies via the department of education and culture (the applications can be downloaded from the attachment).

The description of the town coat of arms according to the book by Alois Přibyl and Karel Liška: ZNAKY A PEČETĚ STŘEDOČESKÝCH MĚST (1975) can be found in the attachment.

Coats of arms in various formats are available for downloading in the attachment.


Town banner (flag)

The Town banner (flag) consists of two divided fields; the white part is above the blue part. When the banner is in a vertical position, the white stripe is always placed heraldically on the right. i.e. on the left from the frontal view. A town permission is not necessary for using the banner, however, it can only be used for respectable purposes. The banner is used especially for ceremonial decoration of the town. When the banner is used together with other banners or flags, it always has the most honorary position. 


The chain of the Mayor     

The chain consists of 18 segments and a hanging breast plaque. The dominant motive is Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. who supported the growth and development of the royal town. The motive of the king is placed in the middle of the plaque. On the hitch we can find the inscription from the original seal COLONIA NOVA SUPRA ALBE. The curves on the chain represent the flow of the Labe and the fitted stones represent the wish of inhabitants to restore cleanness of their river.

The art design was created by an academic sculptor Michal Vitanovský from Prague. RNDr. Jaroslav Hyršl donated the semi-precious stones – light blue and white topaz stones which are fitted in the chain. Karel Mráz from Prague cast the chain including the breast plaque and the symbolic key. The historic motivation was designed by Kolín amateur historians - brothers Jan and Ladislav Kamarýt. 

The chain of the town mayor is kept in a decorated wooden case located in the ceremonial hall in Kolín Town Hall. The case was made by a carpenter workshop of Nováks family from Ždírce nad Doubravou according to the designer Stanislav Pokorný. 

The chain of the town mayor is used during ceremonial events.


The key from town gates

The symbolic key from the town gates is motivated by heraldic lilies from the ironwork of St.Bartholomew´s church door, by the town coat of arms and also by the portrait of Přemysl Otakar II. The key from the town gates is - as well as the chain - placed in the case in the ceremonial hall of Kolín Town Hall. 





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