St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral |

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St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral


St. Bartholomew´s Cathedral is situated in the dominant location on the edge of historic core of the town.

The oldest part of the early gothic cathedral comes from the second half of 13th century. In 1360 Petr Parléř (the architect of Charles IV.) started to build a place for the choir. The premises of the cathedral include the bell tower from 1504, gothic deanery, unique baroque ossuary from 18th century and the buildings of two oldest schools in Kolín. In the interior there are a lot of significant masterpieces, e.g. the cycle The Way of the Cross by František Bílek or baroque painting Torture of St. Bartholomew by Petr Brandl.



Kancelář: Regionální muzeum v Kolíně
Ulice: Brandlova 27
Město: Kolín 1
Telefon: +420 321723922