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Town council

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The town council of Kolín is the executive body of Kolín in the area of self-governing competence. In the area of delegated competence the town council can make decisions only if it is in accordance with the law. The town council has nine members; it is formed by the mayor, two vice-mayors, and other councillors who are elected from the members of municipal council. The town council prepares suggestions for municipal council meetings; it ensures fulfilling the accepted resolutions and the power is limited by 102 Act No. 128/2000 of Legal Code, about towns (town system).

The examples of town council activities are: issuing town resolutions, establishing and cancelling committees of town council, appointing and dismissing its chairpersons and members, stating the total number of municipality employees, appointing and dismissing leaders of municipality departments, appointing and dismissing leaders in organisational town authorities etc. When performing independent competency, the town council is subordinate to the municipal council.

The meetings of the town council take place as necessary, usually once a week. The meeting is not public. The meetings are recorded in a written form, the report is stored at the municipality and it is available for the members of the municipal council, however, also other people have the right for obtaining the information concerning town council resolutions.

The town council can establish committees as its active and advisory bodies. They present their opinions and proposals to the town council. The committee is also the executive body if it was given the performance of delegated authority. The chairman can be only such a person who proved their special legal capacity in the field of given delegated authority. The committee agrees by majority of votes of its members. The committee is subordinate to the town council. The committee is subordinate to the mayor concerning the matters of performing delegated authority in the given field.

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