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Municipal council

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The municipal council is the highest body of the town government. The municipal council has 27 members. The members are elected for a four-year period. The current members were elected in the election in 2010. The municipal council decides in the matters connected with independent competency – see § 84 Act No. 128/2000 of Legal Code, about towns and villages. The task of the municipal council is to approve the programme of town development, town budget and generally legally binding public notices. The municipal council appoints the mayor, vice-mayors, and other members of town council, it sets the number of long-term excused members. The municipal council also establishes and cancels committees and appoints their chairpersons and other members and it performs other activities according to the law about towns and villages. The municipal council is also entitled to award honorary citizenship and awards of Kolín. The municipal council meetings are public; the agenda follows the agenda law. 

The municipal council can establish committees as its active and inspecting boards. The committees present their suggestions and proposals to the municipal council. The municipal council always establishes the financial and inspecting bodies. The chairperson is always a member of the municipal council.

The board fulfils tasks given by the municipal council. The board is subordinate to the municipal council. The number of members is always odd. The board meets as necessary. The resolution is always issued in written form and it is signed by the chairperson. The resolution is valid if absolute majority of all members agreed. The financial and inspecting boards are formed by at least three members. The members exclude the mayor, vice-mayor, secretary and people responsible for the budget and the accounts in the municipality. The performed inspection is written in records which state the possible mistakes and actions to be taken to correct them. The report is signed by the member of the board which performed the inspection and the employee who was inspected. The board presents the report to the municipal council, including the statement of the authority or employee being involved in the inspection.

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