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Special town authorities

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In cases defined by special laws, the Mayor establishes special town authorities for performing delegated competence. The Mayor also appoints and dismisses their members. In cases defined by special laws, the special town authority with wider competence performs civil service for the administrative area of the town with wider competence. The head of the special authority can be only such a person who (if not defined otherwise by a special law) demonstrated special qualification in the field of delegated competence for which performing the authority was established. This does not include the cases when the mayor is the head of the special authority (on the basis of special law).

In Kolín these special authorities were established:

  • Flood committee    
  • Committee for social and legal protection of children  
  • Security council ORP Kolín   
  • Emergency office ORP Kolín   

The competence and activities of these authorities are defined by particular legal regulations and by agenda of these authorities approved by the mayor.

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