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Doing business is usually connected only with money, expensive cars, luxurious houses and generally with better possibilities of leading a happy life. It is one of the biggest mistakes representing one of the most common reasons for failure in business. Success is based on your unique business ideas, well-planned business intention, your business competences, talent and enthusiasm.

Nowadays, Kolín is an important industrial town which is also the seat of TPCA car factory (Toyota-Peugeot-Citroën). Activities of the car company and its suppliers contribute to long-term low unemployment rate in the whole region. The town is a seat of numerous other companies and hundreds of business entities which contribute to dynamic growth of the town and to its high level of living. 

Are you an existing investor or are you interested in investments in Kolín? Do you need detailed information about the business environment in the town? Do you want to solve your own problem?

These stated reasons can help you to decide why to invest in Kolín:

  • Qualified manpower
  • Strategic geographic location
  • Good transport accessibility – Kolín is situated on both banks of the Labe. Kolín is an important rail junction.
  • Place for high-quality living – Kolín has beautiful surrounding which is accessible from all town parts. Historic sights.
  • Industrial tradition – chemical, car, machine, food-processing and polygraphic industry.
  • Quality infrastructure – Kolín has excellent technical infrastructure.
  • Quality business environment

Are you starting a business or are you an existing businessman? Do you need advice and precise information? Are you not sure who to contact?

The above-mentioned questions will be answered by Trade Department – municipal trade office. It is a department of Kolín town council which ensures enforcement of state administration in business field according to law No. 455/1991 Sb. (code of law) on business activities (business law), in a word of future regulations. It performs other activities in the range set by specific legal enactments.

The aim of the current town government is to create good conditions for all business intentions which bring profit to town citizens and are in accordance with valid laws.

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